FACT - the quality of being actual; a piece of information presented as having  objective reality  (meriam web) basically something that exists in reality TRUTH - the body of real things, events, and facts; a judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true Current Situation: Fact: Struggling in School, Business, Finances Truth: God is the way … Continue reading FACTS VS TRUTHS

Brainship 👭

  Realizations 💕 08/01/16 How friendship keeps our brain healthy I read a blog through online app, Women of faith. It's entitled How friendship...👆🏻 Base on what i read..There's one study about an old woman whose husband died. Her daughter saw the changes from her. Attending to church wasn't her thing anymore, she couldn't remember … Continue reading Brainship 👭


MASTERPIECE 💕 BUTTERFLY 25/01/16 Have you ever seen someone so attractive that you couldn't take your eyes of them? That's how God looks at you. We are definitely a beautiful creation of God and uniquely different, like this butterfly. We may think sometimes that we are not important, but we are definitely important. There's a process to become … Continue reading BEAUTY-FLY