Brainship 👭


Realizations 💕 08/01/16

How friendship keeps our brain healthy

I read a blog through online app, Women of faith. It’s entitled How friendship…👆🏻

Base on what i read..There’s one study about an old woman whose husband died. Her daughter saw the changes from her. Attending to church wasn’t her thing anymore, she couldn’t remember the days/weeks and couldn’t even eat at a proper time. She liked being alone. After that, her daughter and the husband of the daughter sent her to a nursing home nearer to their place. Later on, something has changed. The old woman interacted more to people now. Research suggests that this woman turnaround may be integrally tied to her level of social activity and engagement.  Scientists now believe that social interaction is key to maintaining good mental health and warding of diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s.

There was a sentence that got me struck and paused for a while saying “if you stay CONNECTED, you have a better shot” accd to Valerie crooks. That sentence showed and revealed God more to me.

Yes, it’s good to have many friends and stay connected to them, but it’s really God whom we must stay connected to. He’s the only source of our strength, happiness in our everyday life, wisdom, learnings or being smart/clever. He’s the ultimate healer of all, who can heal and mend our broken hearts, our sadness, our wounds and diseases. He’s the one who can turn our sadness to happiness and the fullness of joy in our heart 💕



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